Tax Resolution

We offer tax resolution services to those taxpayers and business owners that are delinquent in income tax, payroll and sales and use tax.  We use years of experience in tax rules, laws and the code.  We provide tax resolutions for federal and state cases. We are enrolled agents and accountants that will analyze your situation. 

It is possible to regain your freedom and get your life back.  You have come to the right place to get this problem resolved. Tax problems can happen to anyone, but not everyone takes it serious.  The IRS or your state revenue department will not go away. Tax agencies have the authority to file a lien and levy your bank accounts, property and more.  Paying taxes is the law.

The IRS has a 10-year collection period and the State of Illinois Department of Revenue has a 2 – 20 year collection period. Yes, it is true that tax liens are not reported in your credit history as of July 2017.  What does that matter?  It does not remove liens or levies from being issued.  Calling dmarconsultingllc to fix the problem is the only thing that matters.