Welcome to dmarconsulting . . .


dmarconsultingllc, is an one-person accounting, tax, business consulting and project management.  We are passionate about our craft and how we deliver our service to clients. Our mission and vision is to deliver exceptional accounting services and implement methods that will grow your organization and build wealth.

Why should you outsource your accounting?

The benefits of outsourcing only makes sense if your business needs are satisfied. Can you reconcile your own bank statement? Yes. So why outsource?

What should you expect from your accountant?

Services should consist of all administrative accounting? Tax preparation only? Payroll only? Or just stuff you don’t like to do. If your accountant is not a full time staffer he/she should be doing more analytical and consulting work. The data entry or administrative tasks should be processed or by the accountant if he/she has access to day-to-day documents via network.

How much should you pay for services?

Accounting services are based on fixed or hourly rates? Fixed rates range from $75 – $5000/mo. Hourly rates range from $25 – $200/hour. It’s important to make sure your needs are meet regardless of the rate.