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We are a full service accounting, tax and consulting firm.  We assist our clients in achieving its maximum potential by offering customization services that fits their needs.  We are a visionary firm that has been successful in providing our clients with strategic and measurable goals.   We want our clients to grow horizontally and vertically.  We want the same for your company.


Core Values


Since our founding in 2004, we have been dedicated to conducting the practice of accounting predicated upon the highest professional and ethical standards, providing quality service to all clients, and affording professional camaraderie.

Our core values are the face of accountability, we pride ourselves and work on the FACE of every situation.  The FACE of accountability for our clients being the focal point of business.  The FACE of accountability that holds us to the highest standards in the accounting industry.  The FACE of accountability to be charitable to the community we service.  The FACE of accountability to be efficient and effective in our efforts to provide better service that our competitors.

dmarconsutlingllc clients satisfaction is our only gauge of success. As such, we expect our clients to hold us at the highest standards of excellence. It is our promise to all of clients to provide quality service at all times.  In such times we fall short, we make concretive efforts to make it right.  We vow to be passionate, innovative , active listeners and high quality accountants.   We leave our egos in the dust where its hard to find when it comes to working with all sizes and levels of clients.





dmarconsultingllc has been providing accounting, tax, business consulting and project management services to clients since 2004.  We are growing our services to offer small to med-size firms knowledge to handle day-to-day challenges using the most effective tools.

We are a firm that is built on principals, which, we practice daily.  We are responsive to our customers, we make no excuses and we are committed to hardwork.


To identify opportunities that create value for our clients while continuously expanding our services to address their unique needs. The collective experience of our professionals is the base from which we deliver personalized services with expertise and effectiveness. Committed to leading with a purpose, we take a proactive approach to attaining clear and meaningful results.


To uphold a standard of excellence among accounting, tax, business consulting and project management firms by providing comprehensive expertise and collaborative service to our clients.


This is what our customers are saying about us. . .

dmarconsultingllc is just what the doctor ordered for my home healthcare agency.  I can rely on the firm’s expertise in accounting, compliance and internal controls.  These areas are huge for my industry.  The firm provided my staff with precise policies and procedures to make sure everyone performed processes properly.  Thank you dmarconsulting for all you do.

-Cheryl Rogers – Applied Home Healthcare

…here is another one:

dmarconsultingllc’s consulting services help me increase my product mix and provided much needed structure so that I can run my day-to-day operations more efficient.

  • -LeeLee Curry – Sol Food Natural Soaps




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